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Seriously how DA works now? I'm lost O.O
So how much is been? like almost a year since nothing about me? omg... I don't know where to start..
First of all I want to say I'm sorry to all my friends here, followers, new followers (in my hiatus time THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING)... you know I used to be those kind of users to say thank you in every little comment in my draws, say thank you personally to every new watcher, and idk... just apreciating every tiny little love I received from people here in DA cuz you guys just made me happy with your comments, your faves, just with anything involving taking time to admire my works. What happened?...

Well I don't want to go very deep but, a lot of things happened in this year... BIG things for me that just made me lost all my inspiration for drawing and make art, just a resume of those things: My dad got cancer when I was in my last days of high school. I just dumped everything there, fanfiction, deviantart, facebook, everything... I think I got depressed? thank god those same days I found a hope for me in kpop, well not in kpop as a whole, just in one group that caught my attention, that was just a random thing it happened for me, I just put the tv and there was a kpop programm, one group came up "Teen Top" and it was the end for me, I got a little obsessed over them cuz you know when I was getting through my hardest time they were the one to make me laugh and make me forget my shitty life everyday.

My dad got better by a miracle, he just got ride off the cancer and I could breath again in peace, I though to come back to DA but this time my mom got very sick and she was in the hospital for over a month, another break down for me? yep... she also got better thank god but when all that happened it was almost july and I had to focus in my studies to go to collegue next year. So yes.. right now I'm here 20 days till the most important test of my life... (the test that will allow me to go to collegue) still studying like crazy.

But what happened? Idk today I was just here in DA... (I still come here time to time just I dont log in) and decided to visit my profile... Ever since Naruto ended I been willing to make some draws about it and I think I will. I want to come back here... Naruto's end was my inspiration for finally come here.
So yes... I'm coming back :) I will make some draws again... (idk if right now cuz TEST) or after that test, but I'm definally coming back!

So again... I'm truly sorry for not being around not even to say I'm fine... coming here made me depress in those times cuz a lot of you were asking for me and my draws and I had zero inspiration to do anything, so it was more painful. I gain a lot of followers in that time like I said... I just want you to know if any of you are reading this: Thank you for following me! I really really apreciate it!! You guys dont have idea how much and I'm sorry for not telling you this sooner ♥ 

So... see you guys soon? Or I hope so!  I love you all ♥
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Hi to everyone! I'm from a beautiful country named Chile and I have 17 years old, if I would have to describe me I would say that am tall, pale, with green eyes and dark-blond hair, I'm very skinny and athletic, I like swim, sleep, listen music, write, watch movies and series, but principal I love with all my heart draw and paint. With my art I express who am I and is everything to me, I hope you like my pictures and leave me a comment to know what you think about it. ^^

Sarcasm Stamp by tailfeatherNocturnal Artist by Timesplitter92Nobody Stamp by MelissaDaltonStamp - My Imaginary Friend by 6v4MP1r36

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Deidarakitty Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy birthday! I hope you have a great day today :hug: :love:
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tus stamps son tan tu xd
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Ana x3 te se que es muy repentino todo esto pero lo hago igual *-*
te dedique una foto k recien hize como muestra de cariño (lo se es demasiado poco tiempo pero la idea de k seas gaaino y chilena me gano *-*) porfa pasa por aqui n.n…

gaara nos ama *-*
Cassandra55 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Muchas gracias por el watch!
Vaya! también eres de Chile? Que genial! n.n
Hylee Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
GAH! Happy belated birthday.
AndrewGeorge1991 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy B-day^^
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Happy Birthday!!
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Feliz cumpleaņos :party: :la:
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Hi, Happy Birthday and hope you have a nice day as well :hug:
JuPMod Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2013
Are you still around? 
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